Mocha is a port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. Until it was eclipsed in the 19th century by Aden and Hodeida, Mocha was the principal port for Yemen's capital Sana'a. Mocha is famous for being the major marketplace for coffee from the 15th century until the 17th century. Even after other sources of coffee were found, Mocha beans continued to be prized for their relatively chocolaty flavor and remain so even today. From this coffee the English language gained the word mocha, for such combinations of chocolate and coffee flavors as cafe mocha. At present, Mocha is no longer utilized as a major trade route and the current local economy is largely based upon fishing and small amounts of tourism. The village of Mocha was officially relocated 3 kilometers west along the Red Sea shore to accommodate the building and demolition of several coastal highways.


Николай Коев

Експерт по заведенията и забавленията. Интересува ме светлата страна на живота и хората, които искат да направят света по-добро място. Мисията ми е да помогна да откриете интересни заведения и места, където можете да си изкарате добре и да се порадвате на живота :)

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